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No, because I hadn't formulated a vision as a filmmaker or anything. He was doing the work that whole time because he had access to it.

Unlike Miles Teller you never met the real person you were playing.

head writer moved into a cliquey retirement community (”It’s like high school, except it’s 40 years instead of four”).

He could have tried to charm you into a more sympathetic portrayal…Maybe, but that's kind of my job – to when you meet someone and people who know someone that you're playing in events that actually happened.Now Rothman has written a funny book about the whole experience, .”I went looking for guidance and wisdom,” says Rothman in his Hollywood Hills home. It’s simultaneously terrifying and incredibly reassuring, because the pressure’s off. It is early days on this, and insiders said there are male characters in this latest version of what started as the 1987-91 Fox drama series by Patrick Hasburgh and Stephen J. Genre: Comedy, Sport" data-quality="HD" data-img="

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